Introducing the Guernsey County Historical Society’s Online Photo Collection

For some time the men and woman at the museum have been working hard to scan and preserve thousands of great historical photos. Tonight we are finally giving you all a chance to look at our progress. Flickr is a site that allows users to carry a very large amount of high definition pictures–1 terabyte to be exact–so many museums with similar projects are also using Flickr as a resource for holding their photo’s. We have decided to create a Flickr account to store our collection and now we would like you all to know where to find it.

We will be adding many more local historical photos soon, and documenting the ones that are there now more fully as time goes on. The reason the Flickr site is being released now,  is that the Civil War letters on the site are meant to accompany the July edition of Now & Then Magazine, which has now been published. Please note the Collection is a work in progress. Be sure to pick up a copy of the local magazine “Now and Then,” and check out the awesome photo’s of our Civil War letters!😀

You can check out our great collection on Flickr by clicking here.


A Screenshot of the Photo Collection

*”Now and Then” is a free magazine that’s distributed at many business locations around Cambridge and Guernsey County. It’s printed by the Jeffersonians parent company, and they have copies. It’s also at SEORMC, most banks, Riesbeck’s, Circle K, Jamboree, various gas stations, and Cambridge News. Total there are over 100 locations in Guernsey and the surrounding counties. People snap up the free copies quickly, so it’s often hard to find by mid-month, so get yours quickly!


An Amazing Collection of Wheeling Avenue Photos

Jim Evans is a Cambridge History enthusiast not so different than yourself if you’re here reading. Jim has managed to amass an amazing collection of Wheeling Avenue photos that are just a boat load of fun to go through. Given the size of his collection, finding and crediting every picture was just simply to time consuming for him to make happen. However, don’t let that stop you from clicking here to check out the entire collection. I’m also giving you a sneak peak of some of the better ones I found right here.





Aggies Coffee Shop


Amazing look at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in the 1940’s


Another look at the Scottish Rite, notice what is showing there?






‘= Notice the dirt road. 800 block of Wheeling Ave. Corner of east 8th & Wheeling Ave. Daily Jeffersonian at 821 Wheeling

To see the rest of this click here. 🙂 

High Resolution Panoramic Photograph of Cambridge 1876


Make sure your rotation feature is on and flip your phone sideways to enjoy reading the page in a more pleasing format. Click the photo and use your index finger and thumb to zoom in and out of pictures.